The Lion Solaire de Chanel high-jewellery collection

February 2024

The Lion Solaire de Chanel high-jewellery collection

In Chanel’s new 2024 collection, the lion - faithful to its character, powerful, majestic, and roaring -is featured on five new pieces.


ademoiselle Chanel’s astrological sign, of which she said, “I was born under the sign of Leo (...),” a powerful symbol in her vocabulary of style, the Lion became an iconic feature of her designs.

King of the Zodiac, solar and majestic, guardian watching over the Serenissima, embodying the power and beauty, the Lion made its first appearance in 2012 in the world of Chanel High Jewellery, adorning the “Constellation du Lion” necklace, today one of the masterpieces preserved in the Chanel High Jewellery Patrimoine.

In 2013 and 2018, “Sous le Signe du Lion” and “L’esprit du Lion” High Jewellery collections are entirely dedicated to it.

In 2024, in the “Lion Solaire de Chanel” collection, the lion, faithful to its character, powerful, majestic and roaring, appears on five new pieces - a necklace, two rings and two pair of earrings. Its mane, composed of pear-shaped motifs and marquise-cut motifs, paved or set with diamonds, undulates and captures the light. These graphic lines converge towards the feline’s piercing, incisive gaze.

The “Lion Solaire de Chanel” collection expresses all the power and creativity of Chanel High Jewellery.