Stenzhorn unveils the one-of-a-kind Fortuna high jewellery necklace

November 2023

Stenzhorn unveils the one-of-a-kind Fortuna high jewellery necklace

The German jeweller, known for its array of statement animal motif necklaces, introduces the Fortuna to its high-jewellery collection. Culminating from 700 hours of work over four months, the sapphire and diamond masterpiece captures the grace of a swallow, emblematic of new beginnings.


he dazzling sapphire and diamond Fortuna necklace is the latest Stenzhorn masterpiece featuring an animal. The mesmerising creation captures the grace of a swallow in flight in shimmering diamonds and deep blue sapphires that echo the iridescent beauty of the bird’s plumage. Fortuna adds to Stenzhorn’s growing menagerie of statement animal motif necklaces, for which this German jeweller is well-known.

As one of the first messengers of spring, each year the swallow returns to its place of birth bringing joy and hope, making it a universal symbol of renewal and good luck in many cultures. The Romans believed the gods could transform themselves into swallows, so they considered them sacred. Channelling this evocative myth, Stenzhorn chose the name, Fortuna, after the Roman goddess of fortune.

Great care was taken at each stage of the production to recreate the lightness and delicate elegance of the swallow. Stenzhorn chose custom-cut buff top sapphires to create a smooth and organic silhouette. Attention to detail is paramount, and the sapphires are prong-set in blackened gold to enhance the deep blue of the stones and create a seamless flow of rich colour running along the wings. Pear-shaped diamonds, set into white gold, mimic the bird’s fluttering feathers. Hidden articulations along the wings and tail bring lifelike movement to the bird.

Suspended from the creature’s little beak is a pear-shaped blue sapphire, symbolising freedom and new beginnings. A vivid green emerald eye completes the delightful composition. The swallow is seamlessly integrated into a flexible diamond collier that drapes softly around the neck.

The Fortuna is an excellent example of Stenzhorn’s mastery of high jewellery-making techniques. Stenzhorn is one of the few houses capable of creating one-off jewels to the highest craftsmanship standards and can create complex pieces like the Fortuna, as it controls every step of the production process in its state-of-the-art jewellery workshop. The Fortuna required 700 hours of highly skilled work over four months. Despite its highly sophisticated construction, the Fortuna emanates the joyful simplicity of spring.


Fortuna is the Roman goddess of fortune and good luck;
The swallow is a symbol for new beginnings, fortune and good luck in many cultures around the globe

White gold / diamonds / blue sapphire

Special Feature
Buff-top cut sapphires
Blue sapphire pear-shape drop: symbol for the spring that comes with the swallow, like “the gift of freedom and new beginning”