Louis Vuitton LV Diamonds Collection

May 2024

Louis Vuitton LV Diamonds Collection

The collection celebrates a new chapter for the luxury house in the world of jewellery with the LV Monogram Star diamonds. With the specific cut of the monogram diamonds, it confirms the motif’s iconic status as a symbol of eternity.


ouis Vuitton continues its journey into the world of jewellery with the LV Diamonds collection. This new chapter celebrates the LV Monogram Star diamonds and offers a unique vision of diamonds through unprecedented creations that spark universal emotions and transcend individual personalities.

As symbols of commitment, these pieces of jewellery pay homage to our bonds with other people, both to loved ones and to ourselves. They are there to celebrate each facet of our lives. The LV Diamonds collection reaffirms our attachment to ourselves and others, and to those precious moments spent together.

The monogram flower, Louis Vuitton’s iconic pattern, resonates throughout the House with its timeless and bold design. With the LV Monogram Star diamonds, the motif confirms its status as a symbol of eternity. Innovation, tradition and technology, combined with creativity and jewellers’ savoir-faire, have inspired the Maison with this specific cut, named LV Monogram Star. Instantly recognisable with its fifty-three facets with pointed ends, it reprises the star-shaped monogram flower created by Georges-Louis Vuitton in 1896. A bold, graphic cut, with a brand-new outline to make the sleek authentic jewels sparkle like never before.

The exclusive pieces in the LV Diamonds collection designed by Artistic Director for Watches and Jewellery, Francesca Amfitheatrof, showcase LV Monogram Star and brilliant diamonds cuts. Rings, unisex bands with understated yet bold designs, earrings and pendants are all tributes to the Maison’s signature aesthetic. The platinum, rose gold or half-paved rings rekindle the Art Deco-style V with which Gaston-Louis Vuitton would adorn his suitcases in the 1920s and 1930s.

An even more precious version is enhanced with a central LV Monogram Star diamond, while another one dominates over other rings made of platinum, encrusted or entirely paved with diamonds. Thanks to the Louis Vuitton jewellers’ expertise, this monogram flower is turned into a bezel, with tiny V-shaped claws embracing the curves and edges of this rare gem.

Playful and graphic, irresistible bands complete the collection with a sparkling checkerboard that calls to mind the Damier canvas created by Georges Vuitton in 1888.

Louis Vuitton LV Diamonds Collection

Finally, a pendant and earrings, new daily essentials combining the must-have brilliant cut with a flower paved with diamonds let a double motif in diamond and gold resonate on the hollow of the neck or the ears.

The new jewellery sets are highlighted by the harmonious use of the same colours and materials – the white and pink of gold, the purity of platinum and the intense shine of diamonds. These exclusive unisex creations were designed to be worn by themselves or in conjunction with other pieces, combined, stacked, mixed or matched in an eternal dialogue.

Louis Vuitton presents the first LV Diamonds certificate. This document reflects their commitment to transparently sourcing their gemstones. Provided with each LV Diamonds creation set with a central stone, this unique file lists each diamond’s weight, colour, purity and cut quality. It also tracks its journey, from the country where the diamond was extracted until its arrival in its case, through the workshops where it was cut, polished and mounted. Each chapter in the story of an LV Diamonds creation is written down, thus carefully documented.

Louis Vuitton LV Diamonds Collection

In order to reinforce such a certificate’s security, Louis Vuitton uses blockchain. This modern technology, operated by Aura Blockchain Consortium – a platform dedicated to the luxury industry – allows for the recording and issuing of forgery-proof data thanks to decentralised storage. This solves many issues related to responsible sourcing, as well as the diamond’s durability since the platform provides direct access to the stone’s history, and its life cycle from its creation to its distribution.