Introducing the Bulgari Cabochon jewellery collection

November 2023

Introducing the Bulgari Cabochon jewellery collection

Driven by its time-honoured goldsmithing tradition, Bulgari lifts the ancient Roman craft to the level of a modern art form. The Italian jeweller inaugurates the Bulgari Cabochon collection with rings, pendants, and necklaces in its iconic cabochon cut, available in both 18K yellow and rose gold.


atter can take on infinite forms, but it is only the convergence of inspiration, creativity and mastery that turns it into something unique.

Bridging heritage with contemporaneity, the Roman maison draws on one of its most iconic aesthetic signatures – the cabochon cut – to introduce Bulgari Cabochon, a new jewellery collection magnifying the organic purity of gold through the art of mastering the matter. Rooted into the goldsmithing tradition of ancient Rome - when jeweller favoured polished cuts - the collection is a tribute to the most coveted jewels of the Roman Empire.

In a flawless balance between shape and volume, the new creations invite to indulge into a tactile experience that is the ultimate expression of Bulgari’s quest for aesthetic pleasure. Like a drop of gold that flows around the finger or shines on the décolleté, each Bulgari Cabochon jewellery creation releases the vitality and beauty of matter, just as when an artfully cut gem unveils its innermost essence.

And so it is that a precious metal turns into a jewel that possess the qualities of a magnificent Bulgari gem: volume, light and tactile appeal.

Driven by its time-honoured goldsmithing tradition, Bulgari lifts the ancient Roman craft to the level of a modern art form. An emblem of hardness and static, the precious metal is forged by the skilful craftsmanship into something alive: durable yet malleable, it releases its dynamic soul through flowing and fluid lines, while its strength and solidity resonate through the sculptural volumes and graphic twist of the design.

This unique interplay of suppleness and vigour, shape and volume, underlies the harmonious aesthetics of the new Bulgari Cabochon ring and pendant necklace, introduced in both the 18K yellow and rose gold versions.

The smooth roundness of the jewels’ shape amplifies their tactile appeal, while two curved cuts on the side provide a unique insight into the heart of the matter, just like a gem being cut to perfection to reveal the secret wonders it hides inside.

Born from the symmetrical union of two cabochons, blending into one another like a drop of pure molten gold, the pendant and the ring embody the multiple forms that life – and not just matter – can take.

A message of eternal love or a simple wish for happiness, each Bulgari Cabochon creation is a talisman of love and good fortune, but also a symbolic stratification of the culture and timeless modernity intrinsic to Bulgari.

To be sported everywhere and every day, the versatile creations are perfect to be worn alone as single statement pieces as well as to be mixed, matched and layered at wish with other icons from Bulgari’s signature collections.

The harmony of volume is an art in its own right at Bulgari: a jewel is never a mere transposition of a two-dimensional design, but rather a creation which takes form in space. In its visionary and determined pursuit of distinctive creativity, the Roman Maison has found one of its most successful expressions in the extensive use of the cabochon cut – an ancient technique widely used by the goldsmiths and jewellers of the Roman Empire - whose polished surface and rounded volume best enhance and glorify the qualities of the gemstones, allowing them to bring out their uniqueness. This is the case of those tiny inclusions which represent the intensely individual personality and millenary history of a gem.

Making their way into Bulgari’s High Jewelry creations as early as the ‘50s - when the Paris-led school demanded an exclusive use of faceted precious stones - these smooth stones soon became one of the most emblematic stylistic Bulgari signatures of all time, and an unfading symbol of the Maison’s audacious and always innovative approach to jewellery. Yesterday as today, they define an approach to High Jewelry that stands out from any other: creative, colourful, voluptuous - unmistakably Bulgari.

Understanding that the path to the future can gain its force from the past, for its new collection Bulgari has drawn on the full aesthetic potential of the cut to exalt the materico charm of the matter. From the art of gem-cutting to its goldsmithing tradition, Bulgari once more employs all its jewellery know-how to craft creations that should possess a flowing movement and exude aesthetic power, in a blend of tradition and innovative creativity.

Pure, essential forms that spring from a drop of gold. The unfiltered contact between skin and metal, form and substance, person and matter, in a sensual dance between light and shadow. The precious reflections that flow on the smooth golden surfaces make the matter dynamic, fluid, almost liquid, simply alive. The campaign of the Bulgari Cabochon collection is a visual immersion into the tactile experience encapsulated by the jewellery creations in resplendent yellow and rose gold, while their graphic power and aesthetic intensity emerge from every single perspective in a journey of continuous discovery and pure pleasure.