Gübelin: a spectacular cocktail ring in aquatic colours

December 2023

Gübelin: a spectacular cocktail ring in aquatic colours

The fascinating colours, shapes and structures of a rare gemstone reminded the designers of Gübelin Jewellery of a tropical lagoon off the coast of Myanmar in the Indian Ocean. Inspired by the inner beauty of this sapphire, the cocktail ring they created reflects the tropical island paradise in aquatic colours.


he 10 ct-plus Burmese sapphire (10.65 ct; 91.3 Gübelin Points) that gave rise to the Blue Lagoon cocktail ring presents a fascinating inner world. Using a microscope, Gübelin Jewellery’s designers immersed themselves in the gemstone, discovering spectacular shapes and colours that reminded them of the Mergui archipelago off the coast of Myanmar. This island paradise is considered one of the world’s most sublime and unspoiled natural wonders.

On this Haute Joaillerie creation by Maison Gübelin, the stunning sapphire sparkles at the centre of a sculptural ring, surrounded by a large coterie of sapphires, tourmalines and diamonds in a sophisticated mix of cuts. In homage to the aquatic colours of the Indian Ocean and the tropical vegetation that lines the dazzling white sands, the designers chose sapphires in graduated shades of blue, tourmalines in a captivating range of colours from green to blue, and sparkling diamonds.

The masterful composition and meticulous choice of gemstones testify to Gübelin Jewellery’s know-how and expertise. Burmese sapphires are extremely precious, rare and renowned for their deep, rich shades of blue. Although their availability is already limited by their very nature, Gübelin Jewellery currently only selects gems from Myanmar that were exported before February 2021.

Gübelin: a spectacular cocktail ring in aquatic colours

A remarkable detail is the organic curvature of the ring, reminiscent of the gentle swell of ocean waves. Gübelin Jewellery has invested a great deal of painstaking, artistry and professional expertise in arranging the sapphires and tourmalines to create a harmonious, flowing gradation of colours from blue to green. The sapphire and tourmaline baguettes are specially cut for this ring.

The cocktail ring is characterised by its sculptural design and fluid form language. Curved elements give the Blue Lagoon dynamism, drama and vivacity. Artfully set with round and pear-shaped sapphires, as well as round, marquise-shaped and pear-shaped diamonds, they flow around the centre stone, creating an almost magical vortex, drawing connoisseurs into its depths.

Each level of this sculptural ring is delicately curved and inspired by its source. The carefully matched gemstones, graduated by size, are skilfully arranged and aligned so that they elegantly underscore the sinuous, flowing design. The attention to detail is immediately obvious from the edges finely paved with diamonds. Experienced craftsmen spent over 300 hours creating this unique piece in the company’s Lucerne atelier.

Gübelin Jewellery selected a prominent location for the iconic ruby. The design signature seems to float along the side of the ring, securely held in place by an elegant bezel setting. The two cabochon-cut rubies come from Greenland and add glittering red highlights. The sophisticated design and the fascinating gems adorning the piece present a permanent invitation to discover new facets of the cocktail ring over and over again.