Bucherer’s jewellery line Joy now with the Royal Asscher® cut

March 2022

Bucherer's jewellery line Joy now with the Royal Asscher® cut

The timeless solitaire line Joy from Bucherer Fine Jewellery brings together the highest savoir-faire of jewellers’ artistry from the brand. The line has now united with one of the truly regal cuts: the Royal Asscher® cut.


oy from Bucherer Fine Jewellery is considered to be one of the stars in the house’s own Solitaire collection. The customised design options in particular are highly valued by customers around the world. Whether it’s classic, modern or unique – the choice of cut, the alloy and the setting can all be designed according to the client’s wishes.

Now, a new addition has been made to the Joy portfolio with diamonds in the legendary Royal Asscher® cut. An exciting partnership for all those who value iconic design, incomparable brilliance and royal glamour.

Bucherer has been using the Royal Asscher® cut for diamonds in its own studios for nearly 20 years. They have also been in partnership with the Royal Asscher Diamond Company Ltd. from Amsterdam for many years. To this day, the two family companies are united by their long tradition and pursuit of excellence. The new rings within the Joy line highlight this aspiration.

Bucherer's jewellery line Joy now with the Royal Asscher® cut

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company Ltd. can look back on almost 170 years of expertise in the art of diamond cutting and has been among the favourites of European royal families and Japanese emperors for generations. This family company, founded in 1854, is among the diamond cutting houses most richly steeped in tradition in Amsterdam. This Dutch diamond dynasty became world famous when the son of the company’s founder, Joseph Asscher, received an order from the British King Edward VII in 1907 to cut the Cullinan, which – at 3,106 carats – was the largest diamond in the world.

A total of 9 large and 97 smaller diamonds were created from the Cullinan. The two largest diamonds adorn the sceptre and crown of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom and can still admired in the Tower of London today. To this day, the global reputation in the art of diamond cutting of this traditional house of Amsterdam is second to none.

Bucherer's jewellery line Joy now with the Royal Asscher® cut

The Royal Asscher® cut is a further development of the original Asscher cut. Its characteristic properties – a small table, high crown and a low depth – are also distinctive features of the Royal Asscher® and still remind us today of the Cullinan II diamond of the British royal crown. Thanks to an additional 16 facets, however, its light reflection is optimised even further, creating an endlessly mirrored pool effect. The octagonal diamond in a step cut has 74 facets to create a brilliance that is beyond compare – a kaleidoscope of all of the colours contained within the light spectrum. The Royal Asscher® cut combines the best of everything, with all the fascinating brilliance of a round cut and all the subtleties of an emerald cut’s artistically crafted angles.

To achieve this outstanding luminosity, only rough diamonds of a certain shape and size are suitable for processing. Diamonds processed with a Royal Asscher® cut are of the highest purity and colour quality. To highlight this incomparable quality, every diamond in a Royal Asscher® cut is furnished with the Royal Asscher® logo and an identification number. When it comes to distribution, the Asscher family is also extremely selective. Only very few jewellers are authorised to offer the Royal Asscher® to their clients.

Bucherer's jewellery line Joy now with the Royal Asscher® cut

The Joy line from Bucherer Fine Jewellery now offers the perfect setting for the exclusive Royal Asscher® cut. Following the introduction of the three main designs Joy, Joy Garni and Joy Entourage Garni, which have been thrilling customers with their classic brilliant cuts since 2015, the additions made since 2016 – mainly to the fully set Joy Entourage Garni design – have been the cushion shape, then an emerald cut in 2018 and a teardrop shape in 2019. Now, the expansion of the line with the Royal Asscher® cut brings a new, very exclusive facet to the line, which exudes royal glamour and a very special spark.

Bucherer's jewellery line Joy now with the Royal Asscher® cut

The Joy Solitaire in the Royal Asscher® cut is set in white gold and, depending on the size, (from 0.30 to approx. 3 carats) and quality of the stone, is available in selected Bucherer boutiques from a price of 2,500.- CHF/EUR/USD.