Bucherer Fine Jewellery extends Rock Diamonds collection

May 2024

Bucherer Fine Jewellery extends Rock Diamonds collection

This collection of sparkling creations exudes elegance, dynamism, and vitality, combining a range of stunning shapes with a cunning play of contrasts. The new additions boast an even greater focus on the trapezoid cut used for the diamonds, which adds fascinating depth to these masterpieces.


he launch of the Rock Diamonds collection in spring 2023 saw Bucherer present sparkling creations full of elegance, dynamism, and vitality. These elegant pieces combine a wonderful range of stunning shapes and dazzling designs. A cunning play of contrasts is obtained by overlapping and superimposing diamonds and their settings.

The newly created necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are bolder and even more artistic – a wonderful reflection of the organised chaos that is at the heart of the Rock Diamonds collection. Selected elements and asymmetric patterns are combined almost weightlessly, melting into a breathtaking complete work of art. A perfect example are the long pendant earrings: so delightfully simple, yet so skilfully crafted, the individual links arrayed like a waterfall. Whether it be trapezoid cut diamonds arranged in a dancing pattern or combined with polished elements inlaid with brilliant diamonds, each creation radiates lightness and depth.

One thing these masterpieces by Bucherer Fine Jewellery have in common is this: balance encounters imbalance, absolute harmony, and elegance merge. The trapezoid cut diamonds are skilfully combined with polished elements in white gold – and additional brilliant diamonds, depending on the piece. These unique, modern creations are the perfect addition to the existing collection and will draw gazes of genuine admiration whether worn alone or in combination with other Rock Diamonds pieces.

Bucherer Fine Jewellery extends Rock Diamonds collection

Masterful design, dynamic shapes and superlative craftsmanship ensure the Rock Diamonds collection is stylish and fascinating. The special trapezoid cut applied to the carefully selected diamonds causes the jewellery to sparkle gloriously, making the pieces even more eye-catching and dazzling. With this cut, the staircase-shaped arrangement of the facets creates a particular effect of depth while simultaneously revealing more of the gemstone’s surface. Wearers of this collection will be enchanted by the graceful rhythm of these elegant masterpieces.

The new Bucherer Fine Jewellery Rock Diamonds creations will be available in selected Bucherer boutiques. One of the highlights is an exclusive High Jewellery necklace in white gold with 16 trapezoid cut diamonds and 732 brilliant diamonds.