A vibrant love - Akillis for Valentine’s Day 2024

January 2024

A vibrant love - Akillis for Valentine's Day 2024

This year, Akillis imagines a Valentine’s Day full of color for its new campaign.


rdent and diverse love is for Caroline Gaspard, founder and designer of the jewelry brand, her vision of relationships between two persons who love each other. Its goal: to convey the very essence of an intense and true relationship. Parma, flamboyant and hypnotizing, becomes the symbol of a multi-faceted love, according to Akillis.

LoveTag and Puzzle collections offer new pieces revealing the brilliance of the feelings that strike without warning.

Earrings by Brüner

Love, passion like complicity, belonging of those who vibrate in harmony. These pieces in gold, titanium and diamonds are aimed at inseparable alter egos.

Earrings by Brüner

Akillis celebrates living and passionate love, by defying conventions, through new jewellery pieces which embody the ease and strength of the relationship.

Earrings by Brüner

This jewellery is designed to reflect the diversity of links between human and to be wear with pride by all those who celebrate love in its plurality.

Earrings by Brüner

Exit traditional clichés, avant-garde designs evoke an extraordinary Valentine’s Day freed from kitsch, to celebrate a vibrant, different love.