Van Cleef & Arpels - Sweet Alhambra

May 2019

An iconic design at Van Cleef & Arpels since 1968, the Alhambra motif, inspired by the four-leaf clover, celebrates luck through constantly reinvented timepieces and jewelry creations.

The motif is either set in white and gray mother-of-pearl, hard or precious stones. Over the years, different versions of the Alhambra collection have appeared, each embellished with a new touch. One of these variations, Sweet Alhambra, distinguishes itself in jewelry and watchmaking with its slightly smaller motifs and dials.

Five new models of watches will be introduced in this collection in 2019, all designed with the consummate elegance of jewelry. For the first time, these timepieces offer interchangeable leather bracelets.

The new Sweet Alhambra watches draw inspiration from a style born in the world of jewelry. The elegant casing incorporates a design of clover-inspired motifs lined with two rows of gold beads. Dials are created using a number of precious materials: two models present dials set with delicately iridescent white mother-of-pearl, while a third gleams with the dark luster of onyx.

The final two models are embellished with a sparkling, fully diamond-paved dial, and a yellow gold dial adorned with a traditional guilloché aesthetic, respectively. Its engraved lines suggestive of sunbeams catch and cast back light for an intense reflection.

Diamond-set watches offer two different aesthetic styles. In the white gold paved model, the diamonds set the piece aglow, while on other models they are subtly arranged on the inner bezel, illuminating the dial with discreet elegance. Glistening with each movement of the wrist, stones of different sizes accent the outer contour of the casing in a serti neige-style pavé setting.

Finally, the crown has been placed under the case, lightening the silhouette of this jewelry timepiece.

Van Cleef & Arpels is adding another novelty to Sweet Alhambra watches for more frequent wear: interchangeable bracelets. These are made exclusively from precious alligator leather, in colors chosen for their elegant sobriety. Each timepiece comes in a jewel box containing a second bracelet, to be selected from among classic colors or more vibrant hues. Easily interchangeable, bracelets can be removed with a gentle push of the finger: a playful way of celebrating luck at any time of day, to complement a particular outfit or simply to mark a new day or a new season.