Sicis - Bohemian charm

November 2020

Inspired by the bohemian charm understood as breaking the rules, and the search for freedom of style, a new collection of rings that conquers at first glange is born in Sicis Jewels.

“By creating these pieces, we have imagined important jewels for special occasions that can also be worn with ease, in our normal day, vibrant and extremely versatile.”

The art director, Gioia Placuzzi, has started from this concept to work on a series of new jewels. She has intercepted dazzling precious stones, on which she developed the entire design of the objects.

Gold, and micromosaic together have allowed her to enhance the main stones to create figures and shapes that approach, accompany, and wrap these rings. New forms of embroidery become, at times, flowers, or intricate geometries, nonconformist, free objects. A collection full of atmospheres and emotions.

Secret Farden. A Fancy Yellow 7.66ct diamond catches the eye with its brightness. A stone of rare beauty, framed by delicate flowers in diamonds, white and yellow, and micromosaic: tiny tesserae, bewitching miniatures, the result of manual talent. ’Knowing how to elaborate these tiny works allows the artists of the Maison to express themselves, feel free to think out of any scheme’.

Life. The gemstone, a bright 9.31ct peridot, has a contaminating lustre, a vital force. Small semispheres are around the stone, in emerald green and purple amethyst micromosaic, diamonds and pink sapphires.

Joyful. A name inspired by the cheerfulness transmitted by the intense yellow of its sapphire (11.70 ct). From this depart elements in micromosaic, micro tesserae in shades of yellow, blue topaz, and diamonds.

Infinity. The splendid 9,25ct tanzanite, with an emerald cut, enhances the facets of its tones between blue and purple that recall the stillness of infinity. Stylized butterfly wings surround it. Concentric designs made with fine micromosaic miniatures, an intricate three-dimensionality of shapes and colours.

These last three rings can also be disassembled, for multipurpose use: the main stone can be worn alone or completed by its lovely micromosaic dress.

Tesserae collection currently includes seven pieces.