Perspectives de Chaumet

October 2020

This fall, the Maison unveils its new High Jewellery collection, Perspectives de Chaumet. Born in 12 Vendôme’s workshop, these 80 unique designs reinterpret the theme of architecture, between innovation and transmission.

Trésors d'Ailleurs ring
Trésors d’Ailleurs ring

Earlier in 2020, as the Maison celebrated its 240th anniversary, Chaumet reopened its historic address on 12 Place Vendôme. To mark the occasion, Chaumet’s workshop revealed a brand-new collection of High Jewellery, Trésors d’Ailleurs, composed of monumental rings that adorn the hand with architecture marvels from the four corners of the world.

Expanding the recurring theme of architecture, the new High Jewelry thematic collection, Perspectives de Chaumet, explores this art in depth, from the Italian Renaissance to the Bauhaus movement.

Just this once, the collection was not revealed, as tradition dictates, at the Parisian Haute-Couture Fashion Week. 12 Vendôme’s workshops having closed during lockdown, the jewellers were not able to finish the entire collection in time.

 Lacis tiara
Lacis tiara

A jeweller’s craft requires patience. It took over 800 hours of work by Chaumet’s jewellers, polishers and gem-setters to create the Lacis tiara, and over 500 hours of work for one of both Skyline necklaces.

Skyline necklace
Skyline necklace

This freedom from the official calendar allowed the Maison’s jewellers to take the necessary time to express the full extent of their virtuosity.