Montegrappa Atelier presents Arte

August 2020

A desire to preserve luxury’s most noble traditions powers the heart, soul and hands of Montegrappa Atelier. Within this bespoke studio, master artisans realise works that defy imitation. No writing instrument meets this standard more consummately than the Arte.

Few may enjoy the privilege of owning an Arte, but many live in the hope of one day sighting one. Each is a work of art in its own right – wrapped in majesty and framed by solid 18K gold. Made exclusively in fountain pen mode, pocket-clips are omitted to allow a perfect view.

Montegrappa’s limousine-level production model is reserved for our most impassioned and powerful clientele. Every Arte that leaves the Atelier is the product of singular talent and dedication: hundreds of hours of craftsmanship are poured into the creation of each individual specimen.

Montegrappa’s resident miniaturist has spent her career restoring priceless artworks for Europe’s finest museums. Years of specialist training lie behind her ability to realise motifs of extraordinary beauty, while adapting them to the curvature of an elite-grade writing instrument.

Ultra-precise brushwork envelops the Arte’s barrel, cap and grip section to create a sensation of art in motion. Nothing about it is ordinary, least of all in the hands of its owner. Emotions are triggered long before the act of writing begins. This is the essence of luxury.

The traditions of bespoke Venetian handcraft have been practised in this very location for more than a century. Today, art collectors, pen collectors, romantics and members of royalty covet the Arte’s immaculate beauty. Their motifs of choice range from collection pieces to family portraits and works by the great masters. Wherever they travel, art is their companion.