Montblanc Heritage High Artistry Egyptomania Limited Edition

October 2020

A new Montblanc collection brings to life the mystery and beauty of Ancient Egyptian culture, turning writing instruments into brilliant works of art.

Montblanc High Artistry Editions are the expression of fine Montblanc craftsmanship and creativity. With each new edition, Montblanc artisans and designers come together to push the limits of technical and artistic excellence, transforming functional writing instruments into pieces of captivating beauty by achieving challenging shapes and embellishing each piece with brilliant stones. Leaning into the rare métiers d’arts nurtured in Montblanc’s Ateliers for generations, each edition draws from Montblanc’s rich heritage to interpret a cultural or historical theme as dazzling high jewellery creations that defy imagination.

Made up of five different precious writing instruments, the Montblanc Heritage High Artistry Egyptomania Edition collection explores Ancient Egyptian civilization, using many different techniques to revive some of its most magnificent treasures: stone cutting and setting, hand engraving, lacquering, elaborate goldsmithing and gold sculpture.

Montblanc leans into its own heritage and its historic fascination with Egypt to create this edition. The so-called Montblanc ‘Egyptian Fountain Pens’, featuring an octagonal shape and Egyptian style engravings, were introduced in the 1920s during the height of “Egyptomania”, a fascination with all things linked to ancient Egyptian civilization. At the peak of archaeological adventures and discoveries including the excavation of King Tutankhamen’s tomb, Egypt captured the world’s imagination and would have a one of the strongest influence on the world of arts and intellectual life around the world.

One of the most important discoveries from ancient Egypt to this day, the sarcophagus of king Tutankhamun is a marvel of craftsmanship and beauty. The overall shape of the writing instrument is reminiscent of a sarcophagus and features the distinctive octagonal shape of the new Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania edition. Each writing instrument is encased inside the elaborate sarcophagus like a treasure, with a special cap mechanism to open and close it the sarcophagus. The cap top of the sarcophagus of the Limited Edition 1 and Limited Edition 5 versions is inspired by the Uraeus Serpent that adorns the crown of the Kings and Queens.

While the cobra is a symbol of power and royalty, the special falcon centre stone setting is a symbol of divine kingship. The scarab featured each cap top is a symbol of immortality and rebirth in ancient Egyptian religion, pushing the setting sun along the sky. The cap of the sarcophagus is embellished with a set of real hieroglyphics that illustrate the word “Montblanc”. Created in partnership with an expert in Egyptology, the symbols mean “white stone mountain.