Gumuchian’s “B” Effect

April 2015

Local nonprofit,, hosted an urban beekeeper symposium and workshop sponsored by Gumuchian on March at the Grow Native nursery in Los Angeles, California.

CEO of HoneyLove, Chelsea McFarland stated that the workshop taught attendees how to set up a “swarm box” on their property in order to help save the feral bee population. Says McFarland, “We taught people step-by-step how to set up a treatment-free, foundationless langstroth hive from scratch and how to make starter strips with beeswax. The workshop was open to the public (of all ages), had great attendance, and inspired a new group of beekeepers!”

Myriam Gumuchian said that the company will be continuing its partnership with through 2015. “It was wonderful seeing exactly how the donations were being used and even better knowing that we’re a part of something so important and vital to our livelihood.” Stated Gumuchian. “We also want to thank HoneyLove for naming a hive in our honor.”

The “B” collection by Gumuchian will be available at salon 303 at the COUTURE show in Las Vegas.