Elke Berr Creations introduce Might & Magic

October 2015

Famous stones hunter, gemologist and designer Elke Berr, specialized in fine and precious stones, launched her brand under the name of Elke Berr Creations in 2003.

Her new selection “Might & Magic” is made up of original creations issued with certificates from internationally recognized laboratories, featuring rare and exceptional gems from mines renowned for their high quality gemstones. A real chemistry between spectacular specimens combined with timeless setting. This expertise is born from the meeting of two businesses: gemology and jewelry design.

Velvety tones, explosive cuts and sizes, these signed pieces from Elke Berr Creations are the quintessence of jewelry. This collection is a true ode to life, to eternal youth and love, designed for mysterious and colorful women in harmony with their inner nature and time, in search of a beautiful and enchanted world.

The Youth’s fountain

This rare natural blue sapphire cabochon Burmese-10.61 cts, cushion cut, decorated with relish in a 18k white gold, adorned like a timepiece of a crimping timeless with white round diamonds in perfect balance.

The Love’s Potion

This exceptional natural cabochon Burmese red ruby of 9.01 cts, cushion cut, features with grace and elegance a floral frame in white gold 18k, composed of moonstones enhanced with 4 diamond pears sizes, surrounded by white diamonds.

The Purple’s Charm

Into the claws of this blackened 18K gold setting, set with a multitude of amethysts, pink sapphires and white diamonds, reveals at its core a rare natural Burmese spinel of 11.62 cts, of purple color, cushion cut.

Red’s devotion

Sumptuous natural Burmese spinel 9.46 cts-with an orange-red color, adorned with a magic setting in 18K rose gold, rubies and matching black and white diamonds.