dinh van - Pulse, a mix of rhythm and modernity

June 2018

dinh van Maison made a success of imposing its very special design with its pure and essential style in the codified universe of Place Vendôme.

As the free spirit of French jewelry, dinh van Maison is introducing an entirely new collection:Pulse dinh van. With rhythm and modernity this new design is enhanced by pink gold and diamonds.

Pulse dinh van collection takes its inspiration from nowaday’s music. Diamonds are set on lines like notes on a score bringing rhythm and pace to pieces. Like a beat diamonds are propelled from an empty space to another creating a rain of diamonds that contrasts with pink gold warm tones.

This collection consists in three attractive models. A bangle and a cuff with straight line and uneven pattern that naturally wrapp around the wrist, as a graphic representation of a precious wave.

Three rings with a series of pure lines and round shapes give us the tempo at the pace of diamonds.

Finally, trendy-looking pairs of earrings completes the collection.