Akris x Gübelin Jewellery - Lily Dew line and 2020 Collectors’ Scarf

November 2020

A spectacular photomicrography revealing the inner life of a rare padparadscha sapphire inspired Gübelin Jewellery and Akris to co-operate on the new, floral Lily Dew line and the 2020 Collectors’ Scarf.

Shared values and mutual inspiration

Tradition and innovation, combined with timeless modernity, supreme artisanship, elegant design and, most recently, a co-operation inspired deeply by the inner life of a precious gem, have all come together to unite the two Swiss, family-owned companies Akris and Gübelin.

“Sharing knowledge and inspiration is part of the DNA of our family-owned company”, explains Raphael Gübelin, President of the House of Gübelin, marking the first time that Gübelin Jewellery has shared valuable insights into the inner life of a precious gem with the fashion house Akris. Both the Lily Dew line from Gübelin Jewellery as well as the 2020 Collectors’ Scarf from Akris reflect the fascinating inner life of a treasured padparadscha.

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Deeply Inspired

Gübelin’s Deeply Inspired philosophy describes the unique combination of beauty, knowledge and artisanship. For the Gübelin Jewellery brand, this means drawing inspiration from the precious gems themselves and then perfecting the designs through artisanship. Gübelin Jewellery creations are based on the fantastic colours, shapes and structures found deep within coloured gems, which, in addition to their aesthetic qualities, also provide valuable information about the gemstones’ identity, authenticity and origin. These characteristic features arise when the precious gems are formed over the course of millions of years deep within the Earth. In keeping with Gübelin’s philosophy, they share these immersed insights with artists, partners and interested parties.

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Akris – Collectors’ Scarf 2020

Albert Kriemler, Creative Director of the Swiss fashion house, finds inspiration for his drafts in art, architecture and nature – and most recently, from the inner world of gemstones. He often bases his designs on photographs, which are then translated into sophisticating clothing and accessories. For this year’s Collectors’ Scarf, he drew inspiration from a photo taken under a microscope portraying the magical inner life of a padparadscha sapphire.

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This type of photography allows deep insights and reveals new facets of a precious gem. The delicate, flowing silk material is printed with the gem’s characteristic pink-orange coloured structures. There are three models to choose from: the narrow silk band can be worn in the hair, as a belt, pussycat bow or wrapped around a bag handle, the scarf with the classic dimensions of 90x90 cm as well as the generously sized at 140x140 cm, made of pure silk. These silk scarves are available starting now exclusively in Gübelin’s Swiss boutiques as well as in the Zurich Grieder boutique and the Bongénie Grieder boutique in Geneva.

Gübelin Jewellery – Lily Dew

With the Lily Dew line, Gübelin Jewellery expands its Aurora world, incorporating even more facets. Gübelin Jewellery started by interpreting the photomicrography of an impressive padparadscha from Sri Lanka. The designs of the jewellery pieces from the Aurora world are inspired by the inner world of this highly prized variety of sapphire.


The structures deep within the padparadscha reminded the Gübelin Jewellery designers of delicate drops of dew on a lily, glistening in the morning sun. Lily Dew is characterised by cabochon-cut coloured gems combined with sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds. They are available in a range featuring gems in delicate shades such as pastel-coloured sapphires and morganites as well as stronger gradations such as green tourmalines and amethysts through to elegant blue shades such as sapphires, tanzanites and aquamarines. The cabochon cut is one of the very first known, and its history can be traced back to ancient times. Cabochon-cut gems, with their rounded shapes and subtle play of light, are reminiscent of dew drops shimmering on a lily.

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Fresh Design – Florally inspired

Lily Dew comes in three contemporary ring designs, embodying modernity, youthfulness and freshness: the sculptural version (Flower Bouquet) in which three delicate red and white-gold blossoms seem to be growing out of the ring band and extend beyond the finger; the version with a central blossom (Single Flower) and the version, which, thanks to its open and elegantly curved ring band, can be perfectly combined and stacked (Petal Ring).

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Earrings and necklaces complete the look, offering even more possible combinations and variations. Floral motifs have a long tradition in the history of jewellery. For Lily Dew, designers delved deep into the archives and drew inspiration from the rich history of the House and its earlier creations, lending them a contemporary interpretation. This can be seen in how brilliant-cut diamonds in pavé thread outline the five-petalled blossoms, while coloured sapphires or tourmalines, in combination with the iconic ruby, transcend the boundaries of the classical style of setting. Gracing the outermost petals, they seem to float, expanding the dimensions of the ring. This means that the design of the sculptural ring, extending beyond the finger, is also reflected in the way the gems are set.

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Go for Gold – Mix & Match

To highlight the gems’ radiant shades of blue, they are set in white gold, while red gold harmonises with the warmer colour shades. Both shades of gold can be ideally combined. Bicolour is and remains a major theme and the ring (Flower Bouquet) in white or red gold, each with a bicolour blossom, creates fresh accents. Two shades of gold simply make them twice as attractive while playfully interacting with the colour of watches or other pieces of jewellery.

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Queen of Flowers – King of Gemstones

Lilies are among the most elegant of all flowers and are associated with light, lightness and grace. Their noble elegance, alluring scent and multi-faceted symbolism have made them the Queen of Flowers. As with every piece from Gübelin Jewellery, the Lily Dew creations are also set with a ruby. The ruby is considered the King of Gems and is associated with love and passion.