The diamond jewelry line Lacrima by Bucherer – tears in their most wonderful form

March 2010

The goldsmiths and designers at Bucherer master the art of uniting art, beauty and exclusiveness with effortless elegance. In Lacrima by Bucherer, they have created a line of 25 superb pieces that speak an unmistakable language of their own.

Lacrima Premium Ring & Earrings

The drop diamonds in three sizes (0.07 ct, 0.15 ct and 0.41 ct) are cut and polished exclusively for this line. Minute diamonds measuring barely 0.8 mm in diameter add a touch of particular sophistication to each of these gems. The smallest of them, for instance, is set with 60 diamonds, the medium with 85 and the largest with a total of 105. The refractions created by the stones are set off to their best advantage by the white and yellow gold settings.

Lacrima Deluxe Necklace

The Lacrima by Bucherer consists of the Basic, Premium and Deluxe lines comprising necklaces, earrings and finger rings. The wide choice of individual pieces, some more sumptuously set with diamonds, others with fewer, makes it possible for any woman to interpret her own personal style exactly as she wishes. The Pink Diamond, set with 4,900 fancy pinks, is the centerpiece of the entire line. This magnificent piece is a work of art, radiating pure emotion: enviably beautiful in every sense.

Lacrima Basic Necklace