COVER FEATURE - Picchiotti - A tradition of innovative craftsmanship

March 2008

Founded in 1967 by Giuseppe Picchiotti, the brand is renowned for the creation of imaginative jewellery based upon coloured gemstones and exquisite diamonds.

Just as an artist carefully blends the colours for his canvas on his palette, Giuseppe Picchiotti carefully chooses and combines his coloured gemstones to design and then craft with perfection his fine jewellery. Every piece of jewellery from the Picchiotti atelier in Valenza is the result of in-house research, creativity and intricate craftsmanship. In addition to the sophisticated Italian design each of his ’signature’ pieces include one or more rare stones that has been carefully selected and often cut to meet Picchiotti’s demanding eye. Today, Giuseppe Picchiotti still travels the world in search of stones of a size and beauty that are the inspiration for his unique jewellery. As he explains, “My personal romance with precious stones and diamonds has been guiding me over the years pursuing the unmistakable uniqueness that dis­tinguishes Picchiotti jewellery from other brands.”

The Royal Star Collection

An enviable reputation

Giuseppe Picchiotti’s work is the very definition of one-of-a-kind jewellery and he has personally nurtured and fashioned the Picchiotti brand that has earned an international reputation for the innovative use of gemstones and excellence in craftsmanship. He has come a long way since he first opened his workshop in Valenza in 1967 along with his sister Annamaria who continues to manage the administration of the company. Today, the Picchiotti company includes six other family members including his wife, Matilde, his daughter, Maria Carola and his two sons, Filippo and Umberto, all of whom have added depth to the competence of the company and brought something new and exciting to the brand. As Giuseppe Picchiotti admits, “Since the very beginning I always liked the idea that one day I would surround myself with my children and relatives to help me with the business.”

All the Picchiotti family members share a common, fundamental belief that has been the tenet of the company since its very beginnings: the ideal mix in a perfect collection is the balance between the harmonious shapes found in nature and the orderly lines in architecture.

Unique Diamond Collection

Innovative use of gemstones

Picchiotti’s unique haute-couture jewellery is characterized not only by the choice of exceptional gemstones, but also by their elegance and timelessness -the raison d’être of the brand and their trademark look. Each piece is conceived with the emphasis on coloured gemstones carefully combined with what can only be described as quintessentially Italian innovative design. Exquisitely crafted, the shapes are supple, sinuous and highly feminine and designed to highlight scintillating sapphires, stunning emeralds, flamboyant rubies and the sparkling contrast between black and white diamonds.

Special Gem Collection

Universal appeal

In addition to Picchiotti’s unique pieces, the company has an intriguing collection of ’basic’ original jewellery that is youthful and vibrant. Designed as an everyday accessory but reflecting the same demanding standards of the master, it meets today’s fashion conscious young and sophisticated clientele who appreciate innovative design, elegance and unquestionable quality.

Picchiotti jewellery remains unaffected by time and the foibles of fashion. It continues to be appreciated by the elegant, well-dressed, sophisticated woman who prefers discretion to the ostentatious, but is supremely aware of the fine craftsmanship and originality of every piece of Picchiotti jewellery.